Dororo – 多罗罗

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This anime “Dororo – 多罗罗” is about the greedy samurai lord Daigo Kagemitsu’s land is dying, and he would do anything for power, even renounce Buddha and make a pact with demons. His prayers are answered by 12 demons who grant him the power he desires by aiding his prefecture’s growth, but at a price. When Kagemitsu’s first son is born, the boy has no limbs, no nose, no eyes, no ears, nor even skin—yet still, he lives.

This child is disposed of in a river and forgotten. But as luck would have it, he is saved by a medicine man who provides him with prosthetics and weapons, allowing for him to survive and fend for himself. The boy lives and grows, and although he cannot see, hear, or feel anything, he must defeat the demons that took him as sacrifice. With the death of each one, he regains a part of himself that is rightfully his. For many years he wanders alone, until one day an orphan boy, Dororo, befriends him. The unlikely pair of castaways now fight for their survival and humanity in an unforgiving, demon-infested world.


故事中带有强烈的讽刺意味,包括战争对百姓的祸害。故事其中板门之卷带有讽刺柏林墙及板门店。 同时故事亦带出不少人性及道德的问题,故事中有对人感性有兴趣的妖怪,同时亦有愿意牺牲无辜百姓的人类。何谓人类,人和妖之间的分野的问题亦多次被带出。

Other Name: どろろ / Dororo to Hyakkimaru
Release Date: 07 January 2019 – 24 June 2019
Aired On: Monday
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 24 min
Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Demons, Supernatural, Samurai, Japanese Anime, Japan Anime
Running Time: 24 Episodes
Director: Furuhashi Kazuhiro (古桥一浩)

Stars Cast
Suzuki Hiroki (铃木拡树, すずきひろき) 百鬼丸 ひゃっきまる Hyakkimaru (为了取回自己出生时就被是十二魔神夺走的身体部位而在旅行着)
Riochan (铃木梨央, すずき りお) 多罗罗 どろろ Dororo (本性善良,但也有着傲慢要强的一面)
Uchida Naoya (内田直哉, うちだ なおや) 醍醐景光 だいごかげみつ Daigo Kagemitsu (醍醐领地的将军,百鬼丸和多宝丸的父亲)
Chiba Shouya (千叶翔也, ちば しょうや) 多宝丸 たほうまる Tahōmaru (景光的儿子同时也是下任领主,百鬼丸的亲弟弟)
Ōtsuka Akio (大冢明夫, おおつか あきお) 寿海 じゅかい Jukai (从河流中捡回百鬼丸的工匠)
Nakamura Chie (中村千绘, なかむら ちえ) 缝夫人 ぬいのかた Nuinokata (百鬼丸和多宝丸的母亲)
Mutsumi Sasaki (佐佐木睦) 琵琶丸 びわまる Biwamaru (双目失明的神秘法师)

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