The Outcast Season 3 – 一人之下第三季

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This anime “The Outcast Season 3 – 一人之下第三季” is about Cho Shoran had a fairly normal upbringing and just like any other kid his age, he lived a carefree life with no burdens of the future. But little did he know that a secret is being kept from him and that his grandfather has left something behind for him. While his grandfather was alive, he would try his best to give him a life that he never had and he would also often warn him to stay away from adventures or from anything that’s unusual. But after his death, everything changes and all the secrets that his grandfather was trying to conceal start to resurface.

Any normal person would be terrified by the sight of a girl trying to dig up a grave, but not Cho Shoran. While taking a harmless stroll in a graveyard one day, he hears a deafening scream and heads right towards it. As soon as he reaches the spot, he receives a strong blow on his head and finds himself inside a pit. He then comes across a very strange girl and what follows is their adventure against the forces of evil zombies.


Other Name: 异人 第三季 / The Outcast 3 / 一人之下 入世篇 / Hitori no Shita: The Outcast Season 3
Release Date: 24 April 2020 – 08 May 2020
Aired On: Friday
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 24 min
Genre: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Demons, Supernatural, Martial Arts, Japanese Anime, Japan Anime
Running Time: 8 Episodes
Director: Wei Tian Xing (危天行)

Stars Cast
Cao Xu Peng (夏侯落枫, 曹旭鹏) 张楚岚 (虽然脾气暴躁,但是是非常普通的大学生)
Xu Jing (小连杀, 徐静) 冯宝宝 (对于“气”的操纵非常的拿手,身体的能力也相当异于常人)
Guo Zheng Jian (郭政建) 张锡林 (楚岚的祖父)
Zhang Lei (张磊) 张予德 (楚岚的父亲)
Jiven Teng (藤新) 徐三 (哪都通快递干部,能利用念动力直接控制物体或人体)
Chiba Shouya (图特哈蒙) 徐四 (现任华北大区负责人,徐三之弟,性格粗暴、也常讲粗口)
Shan Xin (山新, 王宥霁) 夏禾 (“全性”四妖人的其中一人)

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